Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life goes on and targets come and go.

So I've been busy working on getting all the things together for a great new project that I think will help filmmakers.
I worked on a short film here with friends and wrapped about a week ago. I am starting the editing process and it looks like all I have to do is the capture and documentation. I'm really not an editor and looking forward to handing this off to someone else for a change and not having to edit myself.
I've got several projects nearing the production phase and one of them is a personal project that I have been working on the script for two years now.
Of course every filmmaker thinks his first vision is the next Citizen Cane but though I am not deluded into that megalomania, I do have confidence and am eliminating the negative forces in my life that sap my creative energy.

I have written many things in other places but feel that this is really the blog for the gritty details of carving a project out of the opposing universe. Which is really what it seems like I am doing many times.
I have met some really nice helpful people along the way and some real boneheads even been kind of gullible with the partners I have fellowed with.

But that is behind me now, with some new data and a head full of steam, some lofty goals and impossible odds I will triumph where others only persevere.
I have survived the desperate filmmaker series and come out nearly unscathed and one less anchor for the belly drag.
Yes, a new day indeed. For a man that is a filmmaker in his heart and would be an auteur.

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