Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Future

Here in the world of the web we take for granted that the world knows what is happening around them. The television as we know it is changing and looking more and more like a monitor connected to the internet. Who will lead the market and how can the industrious small business owner capitalize on this trend?

If you look through the data compiled here you might be able to follow the process I'm getting at. The viability of the small business built on the platform of online distribution and monetizing the product of film direct to the consumer.

Is it such a bad thing for the independent to profit?

Surveys have shown that when given the option the consumer will support the local small business if cost isn't an issue.

There is an opportunity here to capitalize on a trend that we haven't seen the likes of since the inception of cable networks.

A workable model in the future might look like this: a crew of ten on the set many of whom will take acting roles, and three or four producers similar to groups like Kids in the Hall, or Monty Python, but technology has gotten so light and available as to open up more genre'. They will most likly be shooting in a small studio with greenscreen technology creating from start to finish in house stories to market directly to the consumer.
The production company would employ others to promote the film and using blogs and social networking tools create a fan base with steady contact through a mail list.

Ask an expert if you don't believe me, but make sure they know who told you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why sell yourself short?

There are some things happening in the world of entertainment, that all filmmakers should know about.
A clip from power to the pixel a conference focusing on using the web as a source of distribution, showcasing some filmmakers that are paving the way for the rest of us.

My question is; Why would I want to give half of the revenue from my film to anyone, when I can reach the audience directly?
This is an example once again of the industry taking money that should go to the creators of art and entertainment.
Where were they when I was looking for funding to get my film shot?
People like Lance Weiler and Arin Crumley are making real money on their films and saying that it pays to go direct. Why are independents so loyal to a broken system, that has in the past proved time and again to be fruitless?

Now I'm not saying you should reject genuine offers, should a real offer for real money, and distribution come your way. But don't think for a minute that the scarcity tactics and leverage big companies have used for years is going to work for long.
You'll feel kind of stupid after a year when everyone is watching movies through the web and you sold out cheap.
"they want all the rights in the entire universe, to everything, theatrical, DVD, payperview,and the web for 17 years plus five years and they offer some bananna or something and I said no." M dot Strange, from from here to awesome.

The world of entertainment will change forever, more people will turn to the streaming venue for their entertainment this year, than ever before and if we don't figure how to capitalize as filmmakers we will again, be left out of the income stream from our own labors.

There is more info on my blog ;

Now imagine your movie in a player that you can put anywhere, full length, or just a trailer to link your audience to YOUR OWN PAY-PER-VIEW!
For less than $20 a month.
enjoy the movie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The World of Entertainment changed today .

Finally, someone stepped out with the big window for real.
I predict that there will be a great deal more people turning to the internet after today for their entertainment. A new website has opened the floodgates of possibilities and this is just the first of many to come. One of them could be you.
Enjoy the movie in the hulu player It's one of my favorites.

Why am I excited about this? Look for the videos that explain what we are doing. Let me know if it is unclear. And get ready. Get your films free of baggage so you can capitalize on this move, and distribute directly to your public!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Web 2.0 for the independent? Could it get any better?

The videos we have put together have been out of fun and excitement, over the prospect of filmmakers everywhere getting to my desktop, or wireless to my TV.

We just wanted to put videos together and tell people about them so I hope you can enjoy them and see them for what they are.

If have any comments, I would love to see them here, especially if you find something helpful, and relevant to online distribution for all.

Here's some great info on the future of marketing:

Looking for valuable information for anyone like myself who wants to know more about the field of marketing any product online I frequently stumble upon little gems of data like this one, fortunately the video content is getting more available and I don't have to supply text alone these are some videos I found on open forum and the speakers are the guys who came up with sites like facebook, and wikipedia,. you might want to take note of what they are saying about using web 2.0 to your advantage.

Your business doesn't need to reach the entire world online, just those that want to buy your product. Seth Godin, Sean Parker and Jimmy Wales discuss how you can find customers on the web by being your brand's Master of Ceremonies.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Power to the Pixel

OK, campers.
We are here again with round two.
The from here to awesome site, has posted another video for your education.
You should take note, particularly to this discussion, because these are the very topics that the WGA was striking over. Saying that the old distribution system was nowhere near as important as the online distribution market,(actually the word I got was Dead but I can't quote)

I find myself asking;
What is it that filmmakers want? We want a new working model for reaching the audience directly. (See video below.)
Someone is going to have the clout and money to organize a working model for this.
But what big studio conglomerate do you want that to be?

I thought so.
Me neither.

Are we filmmakers paying attention? How many of you out there are listening?
Did he really just say that? and Yes I even checked my dictionary, he's right.
You should listen to what these filmmakers are saying. If you're like me you'll be looking for answers in some new places.

From the from here to awesome site:

In an effort to share information FHTA will be organizing a number of panels, keynotes, and tutorials. If you have knowledge around a certain subject and would like to share it with the FHTA audience please let us know.

Our conference / educational partners are the Workbook Project and Power to the Pixel. PTTP is a gathering of filmmakers, technologists, and media creators that takes place multiple times a year in various locations around the world. The Workbook Project is a free resource project for filmmakers that attempts to bridge the gap between tech and filmmaking. Together PTTP and the WBP we will be releasing a large volume of FREE educational content to FHTA’s global audience. The following is a glimpse of things to come.

You guys keep pushing, and you could make things better for a lot of people.
This is one filmmaker that's listening.