Monday, February 25, 2008

Working hard for the Filmmaker

I’ve been getting things ready for the release of the Filmmakers Channel, and I had an interview with Tony DellaFlora this weekend from the Filmmakers Channel.

He’s also one of the founders of the Duke City shootout, The first film making contest. They take you from script to screen in seven days, and it’s really a pretty amazing process, well we had some interesting things to say, about the online experiment, “From Here to Awesome” and what those guys are doing for the rest of us filmmakers.

If you’re a filmmaker and you haven’t heard about it then watch the videos posted below and get busy you need to help this wave get started it’s up to you.

Here's a new video sample for you to scrutinize,

Here in the new player, (the template here required me to shrink the video to 425x355 to fit here, so I changed it, now the margin for the video 600x520) is the same video in mpeg2.

So, if your a filmmaker, let me ask you; Which player would you want for your film?

Big news, The Filmmakers Channel is ready to release the beta, Grand opening and press release is coming shortly, My goal is to help drive more viewers to the higher quality content available on the web.

The Filmmakers Channel has it, and they're not after your profits.

They have a turnkey payperview Streaming system to display your video.

You can charge as much or as little as you want and display it on any computer screen connected to high speed internet, and it looks like you popped a DVD into the drive, no wait, and no buffer.

When I’m looking for movies online, I’m looking for the best entertainment experience I can get.

I’m an enthusiast, and a filmmaker.

I think the world deserves better than suffering content, no matter how good, on the slow, little, window and think we should demand better.

This is an official call for submissions to all filmmakers, with a film in the can, that want to get your film to the viewer when they want it, most; at the click of a button.
I'm not saying we have the only player out there but we do have the one that even I can afford.

Think about it, Where else can you get a multinational distribution platform started for a $20 bill?

So take a look at the Filmmakers Channel and tell us what you think.

Remember, thousands of other filmmakers are counting on you, to get the word out about these opportunities, let’s not let them down. I’ll do my part too.
Big Window Video

Video is moving and changing, the smart ones will change with it.

There is an ever growing market for online content, yes I’ve mentioned that before. A few filmmakers out there are making the new system work for them, by keeping their options open and with the foresight to allow to choose. Taking on the perspective that audience should be allowed any viewing option as acceptable, thus broadening the market and creating more fans for their film, with links where the film can be found.

Way to go guys! But move over bacon, now there’s something meatier.
Now you can post your movie on your website in streaming dvd quality for payper view at a click, Email a link to a friend so they can watch it and all the revenue goes to the ones who made it.

Let’s stop the dilemma shall we? at least the filmmaker can get some return on their investment while seeking a distribution deal, grooming the final touches in editing, getting feedback from other filmmakers, it could be a good thing.

Think about it; streaming pay-per-view which is safer than selling downloads or DVDs and much more popular with the audience, because they don’t have to wait for the download.

I hope that filmmakers get a chance to make something of it, before they get snatched up in someone else’s profit scheme. Don’t sell out quick, or cheap. Find the market for your piece. We’re here to help.
If you have suggestions on an interface, or promotion for filmmakers, Big window video, or the filmmakers channel, leave comments here.
We’ll respond with solutions or point you to the tools you need.

HD is here but how does the web compete for content?

With the onset of the HD regulations on televisions, and the availability of affordable HD screens, the market is getting fierce for content.
Many big companies are looking to the web for getting content to the consumer. but if you thought waiting for the download was bad for a DVD quality download wait til you see how long it takes for HD content. Remember you still have the same connection.

The problem is in the file transfer size, and some companies are positioned for the new wave of content seekers with a streaming technologoy that allows a big file to be viewed without the download or the constant buffering consumers are getting annoyed with.
What it comes down to is that analog TV is going by the wayside and the web will be the resource for entertainment. But how long will it take to get it working just like watching cable?
The answer is that the technology is here, most people simply don’t know about it.
So the content needs to be generated and posted for the public to access.
One thing for sure this trend is not going away with the onset of user generated content and the critical nature of the American film audience, it could be very good for the film industry to have a great number of these films made by whomever, that shows the individual by experience what it takes to make a film and therefore by default the audience with become more forgiving.
It’s like I’ve told my musician friends “piracy doesn’t really hurt the artist merely gets their work into the hands of more public creating a greater possibility for word of mouth advertising.
But their usual viewpoint is only the percieved loss of revenue represented by the free download.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ll hear someone say I just watched so and so movie and it was awesome I’m going to go see it in the theater, or buy the DVD for better quality.
It will always follow that if you pinch the pennies and focus on the lack you’ll fail to see the real dollars, no matter the venture.

Distribution for me? The broke budget filmmaker?

OK, He tell’s me; “…so you finished your feature, and it’s all edited, ready to show. Yeah, you are a film maker now, but you’re broke. Frustration sets in as you try again, and again to get distribution for your film and nobody’s buying. You sit outside in the lobby of another tiny backdoor theater in another town and there’s four people inside.
You might wonder if you did the right thing.
Distribution is the stumbling block for many wonderful films that won’t be seen, because of the difficuly in just getting the film in front of the people that could run with it, can be overwhelming, Though with the writer’s strike you could be thinking your chances have increased, and you’re right they have.
But what if you could find a way to reach the audience directly and immediately?
Even arrange a release of your film globally?
…at no cost up front or until you made money from the film?
And what if there was no contract required so you maintain the rights to your film?
…and you determine how much the audience pays to see it?
As a film maker myself I understand your plight and found a solution that I think I can live with.”
So of course I’m all ears.

Here is a sample of what a small group of filmmakers can do with an arri kit and a camera.